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Open Innovation, Design Thinking, Jobs Theory, Lean Startup and Others


Open Innovation

We bring our experience with practicing collaborative innovation in a secure manner in our projects, to companies with our own tools and methods, in particular in collaboration with technology incubators such as Microcity and the Innokick Master Program at HES-SO. You can read our articles, as well as attend seminars and professional courses.

In collaboration with: Microcity, HES-SO Innokick.

Design Thinking & Jobs Theory

The creation of successful products or services today require a deep understanding of the user experience (UX). We help you understand Innovation and UX frameworks such as Design Thinking and Jobs Theory and use them in your development processes. We use the experience gained in our own projects and with collaboration with Academia. Check out our articles and media on this topic.

In collaboration with: HES-SO Innokick and Keio Uni Tokyo, Japan.

Lean Startup, MVP and Market Validation

Want to create a minimum viable product (MVP) that allows you to test key aspects of your products (ICT or industrial) and services while minimizing your upfront costs? We help you implement such a market validation strategy and combine it with a DevOps approach to maximize operational efficiency. Check out our articles about the lean approach.

In collaboration with: HES-SO Innokick and Keio Uni Tokyo, Japan.

Growth Hacking in DevOps

The advent of connected products (both ICT and industrial) and services enables you to provide an after-sale experience to your customers that freedbacks into your development. We coach you to new business growth generation methods that can be implemented in the scope of a DevOps process. Check out our articles on innovation.

In collaboration with: HES-SO Innokick.

Laurent Balmelli

Laurent Balmelli, Co-Founder and Technical Lead (LinkedIn Profile)