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What We Do

Company Mission and FoundersOur company mission and our founder team

Our mission is to help companies navigate business uncertainty and allow them to develop their businesses, innovate and become more competitive. We support start-ups, SME's and larger companies either directly or in partnership with an incubator or program.

We support the following incubators and programs: Y-Park, Microcity, Mass Challenge, EPFL Tech4Trust, Aeropole. You can access our services directly or through these programs.

  • Business Strategy & Execution

    Our experience and interest is mostly around the developement of ICT products, setting up DevOps processes and advising on Cybersecurity, in particular Web and Mobile Security and more recently ICS (Industrial Control Systems) security. We bring hands-on business development, market strategy and operational experience through creating and running our own start-ups and businesses. See our Business Advisory page.

  • Innovation Practice

    We put innovation methods such as Open Innovation, Design Thinking, Jobs Theory, Growth Hacking and others in practice in all our projects and build on our experience running our own businesses. We write and talk about these exciting topics on-line and in the press, see our media page for all details. See our Innovation Practice page.

  • Financial Advisory Focus

    We bring clarity to the financial maze: We help develop budgets and financial models for start-ups and larger companies. We can assist you in executing your financial plans such as managing costs and securing growth capital. We work with you from start to finish in the fund raising process and getting you through financial close in one piece. See our Financial Advisory page.

  • Education, Media and Community

    We are provide classes to Academia in Switzerland (HES-SO Innokick, EPFL EMBA, IIMD) and Japan (Keio Uni) as well as to professionals. We are also an active member of the tech ecosystem in Switzerland, participating in coaching programs, start-up selection jury and a cyber-security expert for the Swiss Government. See our Education and Community page for more details.

Barakat Balmelli

Barakat Balmelli, Co-Founder and Financial Lead

Laurent Balmelli

Laurent Balmelli, Co-Founder and Technical Lead

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